Toronto Summit

Aug 2002

This was the first meeting of the Toronto area builders. It was a small turnout but we all had a great time. Lorenzo brought in a whole pile of various parts that he had be purchasing. I brought out my droid to run around. I also brought out my laptop with the cad drawings of the drive system and frame I was working on. This was the first time I met Heath as he drove all the way from Windsor to be here (4 hours one way).

We have started him down the dark side as his enthusiasm was quickly evident with the amazing progress he would have on his droid through the next few months.

Lorenzo is a memeber of the B9 club and has finished one. Unfortunately with his new business he has not had much time to work on R2.

Peter and Frank made a quick drop by. There would be other meetups with Frank and jason and Wim but I never took photos of those meetings.

Here I am getting things set up with my R2

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