Septemer 2002

I am currently working with Heath on designing a new feet system using the Saturn motor that quite a few members are purchasing. Hopefuly this is the start of a standard system that people can use for their RC R2. This is not to say other systems can't be used. What we want to do is design a system that people who are not mechanically inclined can use for their own system.

July 2002
This is a link to my first design. I have access to welding equipment but I can not weld so I was tring to figure out a system that did not need these types of equipment. I also wanted to make it fairly easy to construct and strong. In hindsight the system I devised was a bit complex but it looked like it could do what I wanted. I presente the design to the club members in the hope that people would put forth their ideas on how to improve this design and spot any problem areas. This appears to have worked as I got quite a few suggestions.

First foot design

September 2002
Then Heath and I got together and started to brain storm. This along with inpupt from other group members a new design was drawn up. We finally though we reached a desgin that was simple and cheap. A quick quote returned a price of $350 a set. After getting up off of the floor, Heath and I quickly changed the design. We are now in the prototype stang to test our design to see if there are any problem. Click on the link below to see the feet that I have made so far.

Second foot design

Sept 27 2002
Some people are not comfortable with electrical stuff. There was a request for help on wiring up the dome for lighting. I have put together some diagrams on how to wire up the dome with the fiberopticproducts flashing LED units, a voltage inverter and a switch.

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